Howdy friends!

Welcome to the new home of Folk Soul Revival!!!  We're just about to reach an amazing 15,000 friends on Facebook, so what better way to celebrate than with a new website?  

Hopefully you all know how important our fans are to us, a.k.a. The Congregation, and we really hope this site will bring you all closer to us.  Of course you'll find our music and tour schedule here, as well as new merchandise, but we've also added our Twitter and our new Instagram feed.  This is exciting for us because it allows us to take some ridiculous photos on the road and share them with you directly!

All that's cool, but here's what's really exciting............How about a brand new album?  We're ready to get it started.  Some songs you've heard, but there's several more that we're saving for the release.  We're gonna need the Congregation's help though.  Two years ago we had a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign and we're going to give it another shot.  In the next week you're gonna see links to our new Kickstarter Video and the list of completely excellent gifts you can expect to receive for your donation.  We got pretty creative with the gifts this time, including some limited numbered items and more opportunities to have us play your private parties.  

Excited yet? We are.  So keep your eyes peeled, enjoy the new site and as always thank you ALL for your continued love and support.  We'll see ya out there!